The L.A. Times And The Suicide Bombers ! / Yellow Mainstream Media ! / Mindless.

SUICIDE  BOMBERS  worship death and hate their own lives, They hate the West and it’s culture. . The ultra liberals , the L.A. Time newspaper refuse to understand that they are serving terrorism by publishing such disturbing  pictures  of the remains of the suicide bomber’s  corpse after he blows himself up. The liberals,progressives and fanatic democrats are becoming a friend of the brutal barbaric enemy  who  aims to annihilate the none believers , the Western civilization  and freedom with a hateful religious ideology.

Whoever took those photos wanted to show the world ,what kind of  danger our brave American service  men and women are facing every day.Those pictures shows  what  savageness and barbarism  they have to  endure.Our soldiers are against a ruthless and brutal killers who’s blood  is mixed  with resentment,and hatefulness,who’s slogan is.”Worship death and hate life.These suicidal fanatics think they will be rewarded in the netherworld .( by now every intellectual knows  the mythical rewards for being a suicide bomber , killing innocent humans.More than four thousand brave American soldiers died in Iraq,many of them by roadside bombs.30 thousands brave soldiers are wounded and disabled for life .Did the  L. A  Times news paper  publish the pictures of our American soldiers lacerated bodies ? Our patriot soldiers sacrifices give the far left democrats the freedom to publish such distressful,bias and inhuman editorials.

The  so called the Arab League , the UN  and 22 Arab countries which own 1 1/3 of world wealth did nothing  to help the Iraqis to free themselves from Saddam’s  30 years brutality and  tyranny .They did nothing to help Libya or any other Arab country.These false entities are nothing but a tool in the hands of the mighty Rich Gulf States,specially the hateful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(18 of the nineteen terrorists who carried out the  9/11/2001 terrorist attack  were Saudis finance with Saudi money) The Arabs are refusing to help the Syrians  to fight the vicious terrorism.So far over 100,000 innocent civilians  been killed.Terrorism is the core of their barbaric religious  ideology .Dictatorship and tyranny in the Arab world finance.Al Qaeda thugs  to launch their holy war against the infidel Western Civilization and our way of life.Terrorists hate our freedom and   our democracy.These fanatics want  to take the world back to the dark ages of hypocrisy and ignorance.The Sunni extremists want to establish their Caliphdom of slavery and obliterate the Shia’t .

The American service men and women  ,our police men and women ,our fire fighters ,our enforcement officials  deserve our gratefulness and gratitude every day. They deserve honor and respect .They are the guardians of our freedom and our way of life. May the Lord bless every one of them ,they are our heroes and heroines .l dare the L .A. Times  to publish editorial about The Arab dictators brutality against their own helpless citizens , the mass graves and how they torture and  execute  the oppositions .The Islamic extremism is  a reality the Liberals around the world trying to ignore it .The incompetent liberal and progressive  politicians in Washington are hiding their heads in the sand like an Ostrich.Weakness begets defeat and failure.

The future will  uncover the merciless,hatefulness,inhuman Islamic Jihadism and extremism ideology.All Muslims believe in One Koran and One Islam.

God bless our brave service men and women and those who truly love America the Gracious.

Change ! / The Best Version.

Most people can change their lives when they change their habits.

When a person changes his habits ,he definitely helps himself  to be,

Free from restlessness , anxiety , pain ,  depression ,anguish , impatience  ,

And most of all from irritable  moods .

Changing habits is the sure path toward becoming ,

The best version of oneself .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Daily News Magazine ! /Yellow media ! / IS Democracy Dead In America ?

The daily news magazine exploded it’s hateful agenda towards our precious democracy by depicting the republican presidential front runner Donald Trump as a clown on it’s front page this week.

We  Americans believe ,that every American has a constitutional right to express his views and his believes.The Daily News diminished the constitution with its bias rhetoric, by siding with those who are trying to destroy our life style and our dreams, those who are radicals ,extremists and terrorists..

The Daily News recent issue is exploding with Anti-Democracy ,Anti- Freedom ,and Anti-Americans principals and morals.A magazine that worships hate,division,racism and our enemies ,will be rejected. The American People are above such trifle magazine.

The Ultimate  Sacrifices of our brave service men and women give  the Daily News and the liberal mainstream media the freedom to publish such discriminating editorials and pictures.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Heart ! / Mind ! / Torment ! / Affection and The Love .

There are so may love stories in life .This is a Homage to the poet in the Arabian desert.


Love and affection in the Arabian desert captivate the uttermost human’s ,

Senses,emotions and desires.Pure ,honest ,faithful  yet so provocative .

Loving a woman in the Arabian deserts transcends even the point of ,

Admiration and worshiping.Infatuated poets depict their compassion,

Like the phoenix yearning to reach the threshold of the heavens,on the ,

Verge of getting exhausted ,before death captures their souls.

The purity of their love burns them to ashes yet from the ashes ,

They rise again to a new rebirth to their timeless youthfulness.

Their souls seems to be in existence since the universe existed.

For as long their hearts beat ,they live their inspiration and thrive.

The poet in the Arabian desert is like the sparrows ,but he knows not,

How the sparrows live ages and ages ,how they nest and raise their chicks.

How they teach them to be resilient to survive ,  they…

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Can We Believe The Impossible ? / Fulfillment. (Post# 738)

There is nothing in life that is more important ,

Than giving L O V E and receiving L O V E .

Love is the fulfillment of all good things alive.

Kindness , honesty , faithfulness , reconciliation ,

Truthfulness , are the essence of human goodness.

Where there is love ,there is Peace and harmony .

Where happiness and the impossible can be achieved.

Without love nothing in existence can be nurtured or thrive.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

One Fate ! / Inevitable .

As nations we are definitely different .Every nation has it’s own culture ,

History , tradition , teachings and believes .

But as humans we are alike . We are born into this world ,

The same way  , and the same way we leave it..

Why then , there are those who boast about their fame,

Richness  and  power ? They  keep  forgetting  their humanity.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Vincent Van Gogh.(1853 – 1890 ) Rejection.

The Dutch painter,Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the world’s most renowned painter of the 19th.century. He is regarded by many artists as the greatest painter  of the classical era.

He was stricken by poverty and  was rejection by his own people despite his brilliancy.All he earned during his life time from his paintings equal to what is $85 . A century later ,Dr. Bachet the famous paintings collector sold one of  Vincent Van Gogh ‘s painting for the incredible sum of 82.5 million dollars.

His most famous saying ,whenever he was asked about his inspiration was.”l dream my painting , and l paint my dream.”

(( if anyone feels rejected by the others ,should think about the overwhelming rejection this genius had to endure through out his life time. Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Hilda’s Birthday ! / Heart’s Language.

l love you with my own love language.

To express my yearning passion for you.

Every passing moment  of the day.

A language no one else can understand or say.

Except my heart and your tender loving way.

No other language in the world  can  interpret  ,

The depth of my feeling it’s splendor and joy.

No dictionary can describe the beauty it holds.

No novel it’s sacrifices ever told .

( Happy birthday Hilda from the depth of my heart.)

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -