Hearts ! / Seight.

Yes Chairs do have strong legs ,

But chairs can not move.

There are also those who have hearts,

But do not move for anything at all.

There are those who have seight too ,

But can not see the beauty God created.

Chairs , remain chairs unable to move ,

Despite they have strong legs.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Myuccessisyoursuccess.


Virtue ! / Persistance .

There are those who might resist you ,

For being honest and straight forward .

Rather than loving you for being hypocrite.

Its beautiful to have a heart that loves .,

Cherishes and respect the others equaly .

Being persistent is a great virtue .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh,Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

My Darling ! / A Gift.

I wnt to bring you a precious gift .

Idon’t want to give you gold or mink.

You are My diamomd and my diamond field.

Flowers to give and you are the garden,

Of all flowers , red, purple an pink.

Do I give wine to vinyard owner to drink ?

God blessed me by havine you on my side.

I love you more than I can say or think .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh / Mysuccessisyour success.

Unity ! / Life Time.

A loving and compassionate spouse is heaven send.

A precious gift from Above to cherish and wed .

A priceless treasure with whom a life time to spend.

Its truly a blessing to have a spouse gentle and kind.

The unity between husband and wife endures all life’s trials.

((( Be united in what you think as if you were one person.

Philippians 2:2 )))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

Mystical Reality ! / Grace.

Grace heals the wounds.

Grace strengthen the injured ones.

Grace is God’s power within us.

Grace helps us to persevere .

In pursuit of virtues and decency.

Grace enlighten our souls and minds.

Grace helps us to chose the right path.

Grace inspires us to love faithfully .

Grace is not a magical illusion .

Grace is a mystical reality to uphold.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

Your Journey ! / Your Goal .

Every journey begins with a single step.

In the beginning your goal might look impossible.

People will tell you , you can not do that.

You might even hear this from family and friends .

Ignore them , keep going ,before you know it .

That single step has turned into 10 steps ,1000 step.

Now your Goal is insight ,you will achieve it soon.

Believe in yourself my friend and keep the faith.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress