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Spice Dealer ! / Fortune Teller .

April 10, 2014

A spice dealer can’t overhaul what time has spoiled.

A fortune teller can’t predict his own destiny ,

Yet there are those who pay him for his trifle Quackery.

(( Its sad and painful to see unqualified individuals

been elected to very sensitive positions to lead the people with

lies and empty promises.jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

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  1. Good observation of human folly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful message. Loved how you used the spice dealer and fortune is so visual. Incidentally, I have written 2 similar micropoems & would love to share with you:

    Fate’s Favor


    the 5th poem in this post

    You have a very interesting blog.

  3. True, Jalal. And the worst pay for the mistakes of others.
    Have a wonderful weekend Jalal and many blessings. With friendship Stefania! :)

  4. Wise words JalMichael, God tells us only He knows the Future and those who He reveals it too but it is never for material gain, all His Truth is free to those who seek, ask and knock but those blindly enmeshed in the Occult never seek Him for Truth and His guidance, they can’t they are blinded and in deep darkness, Satan is their Father and remains so unless they come to heart repentance.

    Satan knows our past and our present that is why Medians, fortune tellers etc seem so convincing but he lies about our future and leaves seeds of fear and despair.

    Many years ago when I was young in age, I was told by a Median that I would die on my second trip overseas, you may not believe it JalMichael but I’m still alive Lol and I have been overseas many times in my life but that fear was there for a long time. At first they share good things and than when convinced, they tell you lies even believing themselves they are True and so many more are than trapped in Satan’s web but thankfully like me, Jesus rescues those He knows.

    Thank you for sharing Truth as a warning JalMichael may you be greatly blessed as you continue to do so.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Hello ,l enjoyed your beautiful comment immensely . Christ defeated fear and doubt,sin and death.You are a living Testament ,your story with the median.He who knows Christ will not stumble in darkness.Wishing you a blessed and happy sincere regards.JM

  5. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Many Pay, Much, for ‘Quackery!’

  6. At least the seers do no harm. The politicians are downright dangerous.

    • I agreed100%.Thanks

      • Do you really believe 100% JalMichael that seers meaning fortune tellers, Mediums even reading the daily stars do no harm or Pagan worship of Goddesses.

        All these are part of the Occult and lead to worshiping Satan, many of those in Covens started this way, which is their purpose to put people in bondage, what seems like fun turns into a nightmare but not till your trapped.

        God tells us not to call good what He calls evil or evil what He calls good.

        We can vote out a Government but when Satan has a foothold in our lives without heart repentance it is Eternity in Hell.

        Blessings- from both of us – Anne

      • When there is no deterrence a corrupt person can do a lots of damage to the society.Scandals ,betrayals are disease.When God and Morals are absent the future looks dim.God bless both of you ,sincerely JMS

      • The whole point of the post is to tell the reader,if seers can predict the future they wouldn’t be begging for the dollar.But there are those who are so naive to believe in their quackery .Blessings and regards to both of you

      • I don’t doubt that JalMichael what you say is very True but to agree that seers do no harm, or to agree with those who worship a Pagan Goddess regardless of how nice they present, shows lack of understanding.

        God warns us about both seers and Pagan worship in the Bible, it is Spiritual Adulty, I value you as a person of commitment to The Lord, not to the deception of the world.

        Christian Love – Anne

      • The same with worshiping Goddesses, so good JalMichael we agree, I don’t want anyone to fall into the Satan’s Trap like I did, no one warned me.

        Blessings to you and may you continue to stand up for God’s Truth – Anne

  7. Indeed! We’re camped out on Mars, we can replace worn out hearts and can see and speak to anyone, anywhere on earth … Yet we still can’t govern ourselves, either individually or in nations. We are the clowns of the universe!

    • Hi Jack ,profound truth in every word. Most People are fascinated with the shell not the heart.Thank you for keeping in touch.Jalal

  8. Do you find it interesting that bees produce the only food on earth that doesn’t spoil?

  9. When people with no relevant qualifications rule the roost, there is every possibility of spoiling the broth.

  10. Thank you for following my blog.

  11. amazing. truth.

  12. I see the future ….LOL .. Just kidding sir Nice post :)

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog today and for liking one of my posts. Blessings, Natalie :)

  14. Dear Jalal, I wrote a post named “AN IMMIGRANT” a few days ago. I really like you to read that post and give me your comment about it. I truly am grateful if you read it.
    Always, your sister in Christ, Ellie

  15. I’m with you on that one my friend, and to that I have to add the ridiculousness of expecting a politician to actually pass laws that will limit the amount of money he can take home at the end of the day. But we still vote for them, because hope springs eternal. I enjoyed the post, and thanks for the visit.

    • Thank you friend for the true feedback.Politicians in the USA have it made life time pension Royal health insurance and life time job.Have a wonderful weekend.Sincerely J.M.

  16. I always enjoy your posts Jalal. Best wishes for the Christmas holiday. Steve

    • Hi Steve,its pleasure to read your comments.Wishing you merry Christmas and joyous new 2015.Always jalal

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