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Work For Your D…

April 4, 2014

Work for your day as if you will live forever and work for your world as if you will die tomorrow!Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

((1st.part means work diligently, honestly and plan for the future as if you are going to live 100 year.The 2nd.part means,to be good to yourself and the others .To leave a bright picture behind as if its the last day of your life.))

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  1. haddyism permalink

    The same could be said for love

    • Of course for any beautiful thing that adds beauty to life.Thank you for you feedback.Have a blissful week.Jalal

      • haddyism permalink

        You too Jalal. Ps. I like your name. :)

      • That’s kind of you.My mom named Jalal because l was born on the transfiguration day.

      • haddyism permalink

        That’s pretty cool.:)

  2. There’s also the quote
    Do what you love and never work a day in your life. =)

  3. Buon Wee-Kend

    • Hello,its so sweet of you to send me this wonderful video,one of the greatest hit in France and the world..Have a bright day.jalal

  4. Yes, you say so true and I am absolutely agree with you. And everything we do, we do with love.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Jalal and many blessings. With friendship, ┼×tefania! :)

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