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She Said – He Said !

August 16, 2012

She said.” l left my country ,my family,my friends, my childhood ,my memories and followed you.

l sacrificed every thing to be with you ,l adore you l want to be your other self.”

He said.”darling you are my all in the whole world and in the world we build together’

you are my precious love,without you l can’t be.

life would be unlivable, like a deserted garden without flowers,birds or a brook.

l appreciate your sacrifices . But what about mine?

For a better life l took the risk and l took my chances.

l did everything to provide you and the kids with the best

opportunities which l never had in my youth.

l too left everything behind exactly like you did.

You know why l left,l was oppressed ,there was no chance to progress.

Things have changed back there ,you know the truth.”

She said”the changes were so sudden l couldn’t help it,

but to complain and to cry.

The fast lane life ,the customs ,the laws,the regulations ‘

the work and when to take a coffee brake,l was overwhelmed’

at lest this what l thing living in Los Angeles USA.”

He said”honey ,l am in the same predicament,l have to follow the rules and obey the orders of the bosses ,l have two.The traffic  jam,the loud music on the freeway and being exhausted on top of everything else. l do it with pleasure ,because l know that you and the kids are waiting for me at home.”

She said.”l know l work part time,but when l get home,l take care of the kids,the laundry ,the cooking and manage the bills.l do count the seconds to see you open the door,Look you made me cry again,please hold me.”

He said”(holding her in his arms) l love you more than myself,you and the kids are the reason l live day by day.Don’t worry we will over come these temporary difficulties.l promise you ,we will be fine.l love you my queen.”

She said.”l love you do you want me to shout? as the soil loves the rain,as the waves love to kiss the shore .My love for you is deeper than the oceans, higher than the skies,there next to the moon and the stars.You make me laugh,you renew my hopes, you fill my heart with unexplainable joy.”(her lips touches his,they forgot the kids are watching).

He said.”please, Amal, please Anwar go to your rooms.Mom and l will have a surprise for you very soon.”

…Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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