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The L.A. Times And The Suicide Bombers ! / Yellow Mainstream Media ! / Mindless.


Whoever took those photos aimed to show the world ,what kind of  danger our brave American service  men and women are facing every day.Those pictures shows  what  savageness and barbarism  they have to  endure.Our soldiers are against a ruthless and brutal killers who’s blood  is mixed  with resentment,and hatefulness,who’s slogan is.”Worship death and hate life.These suicidal fanatics think they will be rewarded in the netherworld .( by now every intellect knows rewards for being a suicide bomber and killing innocent children.More than four thousand brave American soldiers died in Iraq,many of them by roadside bombs.30 thousands brave soldiers are wounded and disabled for life .Did the  L. A  Times news paper  publish the pictures of our American soldiers lacerated bodies?Our patriot soldiers sacrifices give the far left democrats the freedom to publish such distressfuland unhumain editorials.

The Arab League ,the  United Nations  and 22 Arab countries did not  help the Iraqis to free themselves from Saddam’s  30 years brutality and  tyranny .The Arab League did nothing to help Libya or any other Arab country.These false entities are nothing but a tool in the hand of the mighty Rich Gulf States,specially the hateful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(18 Saudis and 1 Egyptian carried out the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on the USA) .Now the Arab League ,the UN  are doing nothing to help the Syrians .So far over 100,000 innocent civilians are been killed.Terrorism is the core of their barbaric ideology , dictatorship and tyranny in the Arab world.Al Qaeda thugs want to dominate the Arab oil rich countries and to launch their holy war against the infidel Western Civilization ,Culture and the Free style of life.Terrorists hate our freedom and our humanity.These fanatics want take the world back to the dark ages of hypocrisy and ignorance.

The American service men and women deserve our gratefulness and gratitude every day. They deserve honor and respect .They are the guardians of our freedom and our way of life. May the Lord bless every one of them ,they are our heroes and heroines .l dare the L .A. Times will to, publish The Arab dictators brutality against their own helpless citizens and the mass graves and the mass execution of the oppositions .
.The Syrian terrorists are dismembering  children’s bodies,,murdering women and the  aged.l dare the L .A .Times to publish what the Sudan Brutal  regime  did in DARFUR .The Sudan regime massacred half million innocent Christians.Turkey massacred 1 1/2 million helpless Armenians.  Democracy , Freedom and Equality will never see the light or take roots in the Middle-East unless they reject hate terrorism .God bless those who truly love America .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Multiple Faces Of Islam ! / Tip Of The Iceberg.

Slaughtering 132 innocent school children in the name of Islam and for the sake of Allah by the atrocious Muslim Taliban terrorist thugs is beyond human comprehension!The families of the victims are mourning Pakistan’s Sept.11 ,vicious terrorist attack.What religion would allow such barbaric massacre ? The Taliban ferocious terrorists were shouting “Allah Wa Akbar” ,the slogan that permits them to kill,while they were destroying these innocent souls.Muslims are killing Muslims,Why? yet if man asks the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world about this massacre,they would deny that Taliban are Muslims.What are they then,if they are not Muslims ? Lies and deception can’t hide the truth,it doesn’t justify Islam.This savage crime stabs every decent human’s heart.

Yesterday an Iranian Muslim clergyman held 30 people hostages in a cafe in Australia .The incident ended tragically with blood shed, 3 innocent people were killed .Mr Obama the recipient of the Nobel Prize for peace still insist that Islam is a peaceful religion and it has nothing to do with Terrorism.Then Who are these fanatic Islam’s representatives ?Taliban, ISIS,Boko Haram,Al-Qaeda,Shabab Al Nasra,Salafis,Ansar Al-Sharia,Army of Allah,Soldiers of Jihad ,M.B the founders of Hamas and hundreds other Islamic extremist gangs,aren’t they Muslims.Did they descended from Mars? ? Then why are  they  killing in the name of Islam and in the name of Allah ? WHY  moderate Muslims in the world,the West,the U N , the human right Agencies hiding their heads in the sand like a coward Ostrich ? Are they trying to avoid confronting this PLAGUE,this lethal Epidemic by ignoring it or out of Cowardice ?


Graceful Master ! / Antagonism.

This post is a humble response to comments made on the recent Christmas post.Billions of people and millions of businesses wait patiently for this joyous season to renew their hopes that never put them down.

Following a gentle master leads to sweetness of life and happiness crowned with dignity,fulfillment and contentment.For light always conquers darkness which deprives the many to live their potentials.

Love always overcome despair,hopelessness and division that antagonizes the many.Kindness ,always defeats the stone like hearts.

(( For what does a person gain if he wins the world and loses himself ? :”New testament” ? May the spirit of this miraculous season overflow all over the world to bring Love and Peace.Jalal.Michael Sabbagh- ))

Christmas ! / Triumphant Feelings.

Christmas is the birth of a new life everyone to share.
Is a decisive triumph over stillness and despair.
Is the definite hope for a timeless Flare.

Christmas is the carols our children sing.
To help the poor and to cherish everyone.
Christmas is the miracles of our friends and families.
The freedom we enjoy in the land of liberty and kindness.
Christmas is the smiles on the faces of the little ones.

Christmas is the success stories we witness every day.
Christmas is to accept the others equally in every way.

Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and joyous new 2015.May the Spirit of Christmas shines in every corner of our fragile world. My sincere gratitude for the 2800 followers of my humble blog,and to everyone visits the blog.You made the journey so far,so beautiful and amazingly  possible. ))

B o n h o m i e ! / From my Published book “The Silence.”

Happiness is heaven,Misery is  earth’s desire.
Happiness is hope,Misery is a sorrowful dire.

My friend,if your words don’t have the sweetness of honey,
And the lavishing redolent of gorgeous F l o w e r s ,
Don’t utter them ,keep them inside for yourself.

They might wound people’s feeling ,
They might be a reason for bitter failure.

If your words don’t console the others ,
If they don’t put a smile on the sad faces,
If they don’t motivate the hopeless .

Keep them for yourself ,don’t say them at all.

Consider your words as if they are precious gems.
Treat them as if they are life saving remedies.

Make them beautiful like a morning breeze and warm kisses.
Even like spring’s affection and blossoms for new L I F E .

Jalal M. Sabbagh-

The Deceitful Leader ! / Coward.

Last week the Lebanese authority arrested the wife and children of the leader of ISIS while they were trying to cross the border from neighboring Syria.

The wife of the one who wants to become the caliph of radical Islam,”Abu Baker El-Baghdadi,”told her husband ,that she and their children refuse to live a dangerous and crude life in the Syrian desert with his fighters.

The caliph managed with the millions of dollars he made from ransom money to get his family counterfeit passports to enter Lebanon and then board an airplane to London where a luxurious mansion awaits the special family.

The vicious leader of ISIS ,who entice the European and American failure youths to join him through his devious recruiting masters,by offering them $ 3.500 dollars,unlimited opium and as many teenage wives they want.These new jihadist know nothing else about their new religion beside these three elements,yet they die unknown in the Syrian or Iraqi deserts before even having the chance to enjoy the money ,the wives or the opium.Though ,they become martyrs of vanity and they might get their rewards in the netherworld.

This is the reality that blinds those who become the ISIS army of destruction aiming to establish the caliphdom of darkness.


The Spice Dealer ! / The Fortune Teller III.

A spice dealer can’t overhaul what time had spoiled.

A fortune teller can’t presage his own d e s t i n y .

Yet there are those who pay him for his trifle sorcery.

They even trust a doctor who,before diagnosing the illness,

Carelessly , he prescribes t h e R e m e d y .

(( Its a painful tragedy to see incompetent officials been elected to vital positions to lead the people with their lies,deception and shallow policies. Jalal M.Sabbagh.– ))

The Book .”Woman At Point Zero.” Author : Dr.Nawal El – Saadawi.

Dr. Nawal  El –  Saadawi,(1931- ) ( age 83 ) a well known world wide, an Egyptian author and founder of ” the Arab Association For Human Rights.1970-1983 ,She was the director general of Health Education in the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi was viewed as controversial and dangerous advocate for women movement In the Islamic World for Equality and Freedom by the totalitarian Egyptian government , by the brutal Islamic fundamentalists and by the blind religious leaders.

In 1981 she published a “Feminist Magazine.” and confronted the ruthless Muslim theologians for manipulating the Muslims and brain wash them with lies.She also criticized the Saudi ruling Royal family for imprisoning women , deprive them of their civil rights and for taking advantage of millions of Pilgrims who visit Mecca every year by imposing new rules to rob them their money.

In 1982 ,both Saudi Arabia and Egypt fought Dr.Nawal and accused her for insulting Islam.She was put on trial and ended in the women’s prison ,where she wrote her brilliant book.”The memories from women’s prison.” Followed by publishing her second best seller book.”Woman At Point Zero.” which erupted like a volcano in the Islamic world and it was banned .

Dr.Nawal Was considered a Blasphemer by the fanatics.In 1988 her life was threatened ,she was forced to flee Egypt . She immigrate to the USA.Now she lives in North Carolina and teaches at Duck University,a professor of Asian languages and cultures.

Jalal M.Sabbagh-


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