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The L.A. Times And The Suicide Bombers ! / Yellow Mainstream Media ! / Mindless.


Whoever took those photos aimed to show the world ,what kind of  danger our brave American service  men and women are facing every day.Those pictures shows  what  savageness and barbarism  they have to  endure.Our soldiers are against a ruthless and brutal killers who’s blood  is mixed  with resentment,and hatefulness,who’s slogan is.”Worship death and hate life.These suicidal fanatics think they will be rewarded in the netherworld .( by now every intellect knows rewards for being a suicide bomber and killing innocent children.More than four thousand brave American soldiers died in Iraq,many of them by roadside bombs.30 thousands brave soldiers are wounded and disabled for life .Did the  L. A  Times news paper  publish the pictures of our American soldiers lacerated bodies?Our patriot soldiers sacrifices give the far left democrats the freedom to publish such distressfuland unhumain editorials.

The Arab League ,the  United Nations  and 22 Arab countries did not  help the Iraqis to free themselves from Saddam’s  30 years brutality and  tyranny .The Arab League did nothing to help Libya or any other Arab country.These false entities are nothing but a tool in the hand of the mighty Rich Gulf States,specially the hateful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(18 Saudis and 1 Egyptian carried out the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on the USA) .Now the Arab League ,the UN  are doing nothing to help the Syrians .So far over 100,000 innocent civilians are been killed.Terrorism is the core of their barbaric ideology , dictatorship and tyranny in the Arab world.Al Qaeda thugs want to dominate the Arab oil rich countries and to launch their holy war against the infidel Western Civilization ,Culture and the Free style of life.Terrorists hate our freedom and our humanity.These fanatics want take the world back to the dark ages of hypocrisy and ignorance.

The American service men and women deserve our gratefulness and gratitude every day. They deserve honor and respect .They are the guardians of our freedom and our way of life. May the Lord bless every one of them ,they are our heroes and heroines .l dare the L .A. Times will to, publish The Arab dictators brutality against their own helpless citizens and the mass graves and the mass execution of the oppositions .
.The Syrian terrorists are dismembering  children’s bodies,,murdering women and the  aged.l dare the L .A .Times to publish what the Sudan Brutal  regime  did in DARFUR .The Sudan regime massacred half million innocent Christians.Turkey massacred 1 1/2 million helpless Armenians.  Democracy , Freedom and Equality will never see the light or take roots in the Middle-East unless they reject hate terrorism .God bless those who truly love America .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

O b s e s s i o n ! / Jealous Lover.

She asked her doctor to prescribe a remedy to cure her
Obsession, the doctor suggested for her to try “patience”.

She found out patience was just an illusion ,
Doesn’t stand a chance with her at all.

She decided to flee his world ,leave him behind.
But where can she have a refuge?where to hide ?

His love memories are every where living within
Her,helplessly she can’t escape the fire inside.

Her obsession began calling her back to
Surrender or live alone her empty nights.
Reprimanded by her conscience,heart and mind.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

The Powerful Spiritual Weapons !

The most efficacious spiritual weapons God has placed at our disposal are ” prayers”,to help bring about peace in our time for which the world is in dire need.

Prayers are immensely more powerful than all nuclear bombs,guided missiles, automatic machine guns, F16s ,super tanks and massive armies combined. jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The New Arabian M a f i a ! / ISIS-Hamas-Jihadists. / NO-NO- NO.

These catastrophic groups are the new global ‘mafia” .They are using extortion,atrocious threats and tactics to impose their bold ideology. The core of their believes is to destroy the civilized world and the infidels.They are getting financial support from the weak and helpless rich Arab gulf States.Specially from Qatar , Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.There is no deterrence to stop this barbaric mafia.Its insulting the UN,EU and the USA and taking advantage of the world’s limpness and silence.

This new mafia is a real and immanent threat to the whole Middle-East region and to the world’s peace.ISIS is forcing a heavy tribute on Iraqi Christians to pay or face death.Thousands of Christians are fleeing North Iraq because they are refusing to convert to lslam. The world is in dire need for new brave leaders to control this TSUNAMI of lawlessness.Its time that Europe and the American Administration to admit that terrorism does exist and its the new MAFIA.THE LATE ARAB LEADER  JAMAL ABDUL NASSER DISASTROUS VOWS WERE. “NO PEACE ,NO DIALOGUE ,NO SURRENDER,WE  ARE DETERMINED TO PUSH ISRAEL INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA”..”

E d u c a t o r ! / Winner.

My friend,”Life” is a great educator.Those who are envious and jealous will always loss at the end.

Don’t be sad because someone laughs at you for being faithful.
Don’t be sad because someone thinks your kindness is an ignorance .

Don’t be sad because the one whom you thought was everything turned to be nothing.
Don’t be sad because the one you trusted was the first one to betray you.

Don’t be sad because the one who knew your weakness used it to break you.
Don’t be sad my friend you have lost nothing ,on the contrary you have won everything.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

In Midst Of Global Crisis ! / President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

In midst of global crisis Mr.B.H.Obama drinks beer and enjoy playing pole table in Las Vegas.He faithfully attends found raising events for the liberal democrats ,$35,000 a plate.

The late beloved American president John F. Kennedy who loved America dearly was in the oval office sleepless during the Cuban Missile crisis of October 1962.He was the president of the people .His job approval rating was the highest in our recent history.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval is slipping below 40% despite this reality ,he still makes huge empty promises and blames the Republicans.(Since 2008 he been blaming president George W.Bush for all the faults).

(1) The Ukraine crisis is on the verge of catastrophic civil war .(2) The shooting down the Malaysian airplane and killing 295 innocent victims.(3) VA , IRS, NSA and the boarder crisis.(4) ISIS giving the Iraq Christians the final ultimatum to covert to islam or face death.(5) The Israeli – Hamas tragic war in it’s Terrorism threats from inside and outside the USA.(7)tens of American Jihadist are fighting side by side with Al- Qaeda in Syria and blowing themselves up as suicide bomber.(8) The illegal Children from Latin America are creating a new devastating problems for the American tax payers. God bless America and those who love America.

Where Is The Arab League ? /1001 Delusion ! / One Trillion $.

The Arab league represents 300 million Arabs and 22 Arab countries.The Arab own 1/3 of world wealth.They are sadly so divided they can’t agree among themselves to assist the Palestinians who are in dire need for help.

The atrocities which are being committed in the Arab world are incomprehensible.The Arab are a nation of 1001 religions,ideologies,tribes,teachings and cultures.What is happening in Palestine today is a result of their Middle-Ages mentality.Israel decimated the Arab’s delusion in 3 wars 1948,1967 and 1973 yet they still think they are chosen to conquer and rule the world with violence.

The Israeli – Hamas conflict is timeless.first and for most Hamas does not represent the Palestinians.Hamas was founded by Sheik Yassen in 1987 an of spring of M.B and fascism to annihilate the Jews and destroy Israel.Hamas has fired more than 1000 rockets into Israel worth millions of dollars which been paid by Saudi oil money.

For the last 40 years 10 American Secretary of State had made countless attempt to bring the Israeli and the Palestinian to sign a peace treat but they failed catastrophically.

Despite the devastating poverty and hunger in Palestine and in the poor Arab countries the Rich Arab Sheiks have invested more than one trillion dollars in Europe,America and Asia.They are planning for the future because they are afraid of ISIS Caliphdom ambitions and their brutal threats..


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